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Thank you for visiting our IKON Homes website.  Here we share some information about who we are and what we do.  We hope you will see our IKON Signature, get to know our builders, find galleries of our recent projects, and link to our current properties at whereis.IKONHOMES.com.  If you do not find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Thanks again for visiting.

- Team IKON


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"Luxury is what we do!"

-Diane Harris, TEAM IKON Builder



At IKON HOMES we strive to build innovative luxury homes at a price you can afford, while providing the ultimate in home buying experiences.  As part of our disciplined approach to home building, we value attention to detail, design, quality, and our customers.  Our IKON Home Owners are our number one priority.  Having built homes in Mississippi since 2001 and elsewhere since 1985, we’ve developed a unique approach to building luxury while maintaining affordability.  From the start of your home buying experience, we seek to understand your needs and work with you to design and customize your new home.  We use quality materials and stand behind our work.  We partner with time tested architects, designers, and contractors to ensure every home we build lives up to the IKON Homes name.  We start by carefully selecting our home locations in the most popular neighborhoods, and work closely with each development to ensure we build in preferred locations.   As we meticulously build each and every home, we pay attention to detail.  We install the best furnishes and only use the most trusted brands.  As a result, Team IKON builds awarding winning homes as well as relationships based upon the trust and respect of our home owners.

"As part of our disciplined approach to home building, we value attention to detail, design, quality, and our customers."

- Jim Harris, TEAM IKON Builder, CPB, CPA

the IKONSignature

At IKON Homes, luxury is what we do.  Regardless of the size of your new home, if its an IKON Home it will have the best finishes, designs, and extra touches the industry has to offer.  Years of experience building for home owners who value the finer options in their homes make it possible for us to focus on the details.  Below are some of the luxuries indicative of what we fondly refer to as the IKON Signature… what you can expect to see in your IKON Home.

granite counter tops
stainless appliances
wood, tile, and unique scored and stained floors
kitchens that include tumbled stone back splashes and seeded glass display cabinets
custom built cabinets with full extension drawers
spacious pantries
oil rubbed bronzed hardware and fixtures
master bath with six foot whirlpool tub with separate shower and his and her bath vanities
courtyard entry garage
professional landscaped fully sodded lawn
floored attics for additional storage
IKON preferred amenity discounts

"At IKON Homes, we are all about building luxurious homes."

- AJ Harris, TEAM IKON Builder


IKON Homes is a Mississippi builder who builds within Rankin and Madison counties.  We maintain an inventory of locations in the newest and best developments.  We are also happy to build on a home owner’s property if desired.  You can find IKON Homes going up at the following locations:

Abundance Point
Bella Ridge
Camden Crossing
Gardens of Manship

Hidden Hills
Indian Creek
Latter Rayne
Speers Crossing
Woodson Bend

The best locations in the area's best neighborhoods.

TEAM IKON is a group of individuals who each in some way contribute to building homes that live up to the IKON Homes’ name.  Because it takes teamwork to build luxurious, quality homes, we consider everyone we work with part of our team… from the builders to the designers, architects, bankers, realtors, painters, plumbers, framers, inspectors, accountants, customers, etc.  We plan to add to our list of TEAM IKON members here, but let’s start with some information on our Builders.

Our team of builders has a unique blend of over 60 years of experience in the business of building homes, and they love what they do.  Collectively, they possess an interesting set of individually varied interests and skills that make the IKON Difference.  From backgrounds including formal degrees in accounting, art, marketing, engineering to years of experience is business consulting, building, developing, designing, artistry, and sales, our builders have a edge when it comes to creating luxurious homes and providing a unique and enjoyable home building experience for our IKON Home owners.


TEAM IKON Home Builder
Jim Harris
TEAM IKON Home Certified Builder

TEAM IKON Home Builder
Diane Harris

TEAM IKON Home Builder, Designer

TEAM IKON Home Builder
AJ Harris
TEAM IKON Home Builder

Joel Harris

TEAM IKON Marketing Advisor, Webmaster

Our team of builders has a unique blend of over 60 years of experience in the business of building homes,

and they love what they do.

Want to know what TEAM IKON is all about? Ask someone who owns an IKON Home.

We measure our success in Happy Homeowners, and that is the reason we ask each and every one what they think about IKON Homes.  When asked to describe us in one sentence, here is what they said:

  • “IKON Homes are beautiful, well built, affordable, homes built by a trustworthy and very friendly accommodating team.”
  • “IKON is all about the customer being satisfied!”
  •  “Very highly thought out designed homes by great people!”
  • “IKON builds a beautiful home that truly stands out from the other homes in the neighborhood and that is obvious from the moment you step foot in the front door!”
  • “I liked most how I could contact the builder with questions or services needed and it was always handled so quickly.”
  • “You [IKON] have the best team ever!”
  • “Very hands on.”
  • “I really appreciate how Jim and Diane explain all the details about the homes that they build.”
  • “Honest owners that provide well built homes.”
  • “Personal attention.”
  •  “Excellence in home building.”
  • “Quality Homes and service at a fantastic price.”
  •  “Client satisfaction is a priority.”


Please feel free to ask for feedback on our facebook page or contact us for a list of references.

And we would be remiss, if we did not take the opportunity to say we love our IKON Home owners!



“IKON is all about the customer being satisfied!”

- Another Happy Homeowner

We take pride in building luxury homes starting at less than $300,000Extra attention to detail, whether its the plan design, coordination of color, or the luxurious finishes makes an IKON Home feel a bit different.  We call it the IKON Signature.  We enjoy participating in the semi-annual Parade of Homes, using it as an opportunity to gauge if the building community can see the difference, and here is what they recently found:

2015 Parade of Homes
1st Place (Best in Show) $550,000+ (Fall)
1st Place $340,000 to 450,000 (Spring)
1st Place $281,000 to 340,000 (Spring)
2nd Place $281,000 to 340,000 (Spring)

2014 Parade of Homes
1st Place $341,000 to 450,000 (Spring)
2nd Place $341,000 to 450,000 (Spring)
2nd Place $281,000 to 340,000 (Spring)

2013 Parade of Homes
1st Place $201,000 to 230,000 (Fall)
2nd Place $201,000 to 230,000 (Fall)

2012 Parade of Homes
1st Place $261,000-300,000 (Spring)
2nd Place $250,000-325,000 (Fall)
2nd Place up to $180,000 (Spring)

2011 Parade of Homes
1st Place up to $180,000 (Fall)
2nd Place $201,000-300,000 (Fall)
3rd Place $181,000-200,000 (Fall)
Merit of Craftsmanship (Spring), Honorable Mention (Spring)

2010 Parade of Homes
2nd Place $181,000-200,000

2009 Parade of Homes
1st Place up to $200,000

We take pride in building luxury homes

starting at less than $300,000.

See images of all of our projects on our Facebook page.  Click below.

IKON Homes Facebook Galleries

All you have to do is walk into one of our IKON Homes to see the difference our attention to detail and the additional luxurious finishes make.

Or are you excited to show off your home as it is being built?

Because our builders see each and every IKON Home on a daily basis, they have the unique opportunity to watch as it grows from start to finish.  That makes it easy for them to capture photos of the home building process for you to share with family and friends on the IKON Homes facebook fan page.


For an up to date Property Listing in PDF form, just visit whereis.ikonhomes.com from your browser.

Interested in learning more about the IKON Signature and the process of building your new luxury home?  Have a question not covered on our website or would you like to hear from an IKON Professional?  Contact us by phone at 601 345 1230, email at contact@ikonhomes.com or simply complete the form below.  Team IKON looks forward to hearing from you.

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