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"Superior Design. Unmatched Attention to Detail."

At IKON Homes, we take pride in building homes with superior design with an unmatched attention to detail, while providing our homeowners the best in home buying experiences.

Having built homes in Mississippi since 2001, and elsewhere since 1985, our team has developed a unique approach to building high end, fine homes while maintaining affordability.  From the start to completion of the home construction, we seek to understand your needs and work with you to design and customize your new home.

We use high quality materials, design for low maintenance and high efficiency, and stand behind our work.  We leverage long term relationships with our team of time tested architects, designers, and contractors to ensure each and every home we build lives up to the IKON Homes name.

"As part of our disciplined approach to home building, we value attention to detail, design, quality, and relationships with our homeowners."

- Joel Harris, Manager IKON Homes, Certified Professional Builder, M.S. B.S. Engineering

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Building in the Brandon, Flowood, Madison areas since 2006.

Carlton Parke II, Ridgeland
River Forest, Brandon
Mellomeade, Brandon
Arbor Landing, Reservoir
Others available on request


The best locations in the area's best neighborhoods.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of building professionals, contractors, and suppliers who each uniquely contribute to the building of homes that live up to the IKON Homes’ brand.  Because it takes teamwork and long term relationships to consistently build well designed, high quality homes, we consider everyone we work with part of our team… including our builders, designers, architects, bankers, realtors, framers, painters, plumbers, electricians, inspectors, customers… you get what we mean.

Our builders possess a unique blend of experiences with over 60 years in the business of construction management and home building.  They also have backgrounds in accounting, art, marketing, business management, engineering, consulting, design, and sales.  We think you will find this a big part of how its hard to replicate how we create high quality, beautiful homes and provide a unique home building experience for our IKON Home owners.


Joel Harris
Manager | Certified Professional Builder | M.S. B.S. Engineering

IKON Diane

Diane Harris
Builder | Design


Jill Harris
Construction Supervisor | Sales and Relationship Manager

IKON Milton

Milton Mitchell
Commercial Manager

A unique blend of over 60 years of experience, and a well balanced set of skills and interests

and they love what they do.

IKON Homeowners are the best kinds of people!  Want to know what Team IKON is all about?  Ask someone who owns an IKON Home.

We measure our success in IKON Homeowner satisfaction, which is why we ask our homeowners what they think about their IKON Home and their experience working with us.

  • “IKON Homes has mastered what they do, building beautiful, functional homes in detail, with the highest standard of integrity thoughtfulness, patience and kindness.” – Mary Jo
  • “A mark of excellence.” – Priyanka and Vignesh
  • “Everyone on their team was great to work with.  We would describe them as highly professional and extremely knowledgeable.  It was perfect!” – Shay and Anne
  • “There is not a builder that comes close to IKON Homes  Homes.  You know an IKON Home when you walk into one because every inch of the house is stunning.  This was absolutely the easiest home buying experience ever (our third house). They take pride in their work and treat their buyers like people and not just a number.  We are grateful to own one of their beautiful homes.” – Jessica
  • “I liked most the attention to detail that went into the house, as well as the pride and caring that they put into everything.” – Jeannette & Howard
  • “My wife and I are beyond happy with our home and our entire experience with IKON Homes.  We believe there are good builders, and then there is IKON Homes, a league of their own.” – Haley
  • “They made purchasing a new home a pleasant experience.  I feel like IKON Homes is very professional and focuses on the details that make a difference.” – Ann Marie
  • “Y’all were wonderful to work with through the whole process, and we appreciate your patience with us.  When people ask who built it, I sing praises to your work, care, design and desire to make the best home possible for your clients.” – Mitchell & Grady
  • “IKON Homes bent over backwards to make my first-time home buying experience was seamless and stress free as possible.” – Madelyne
  • “Gorgeous homes with top end finishes.” – Ryan & Sara Beth
  • “The epitome of great customer service… I could not have been happier with both of my experiences.  They treat you like family.” – John
  • “Their attention to detail far surpasses what we have seen in other home builders.” – Andy & Ginger
  • “Second to none.” – Kim
  • “Out of all the other builders, IKON Homes seems to really value personal touches and making buying a new home a comfortable and positive experience.” – Patrick & Collier
  • “Every question answered immediately.  I felt like I was their only client, and fine attention to every detail.” – Mike M.
  • “The IKON Homes’ professionals are an outstanding group of people to do business with.” – Charlie
  • “Professional family oriented builder that builds a great home.” – Ken
  • “IKON Homes made the home building process feel easy, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t build their own home.” – Zach
  • “IKON Homes made our home build an enjoyable experience.” – Flip
  • “IKON Homes will not disappoint.  We built during Covid and are very grateful for their patience.” – Jeremy and Stephanie
  • “IKON Homes are beautiful, well built, affordable, homes built by a trustworthy and very friendly accommodating team.” 
  • “IKON builds a beautiful home that truly stands out from the other homes in the neighborhood and that is obvious from the moment you step foot in the front door!”
  • “IKON is all about the customer being satisfied!”
  • “IKON Homes have the best team ever!”

If you would like a list of references or to view our complete set of homeowner surveys, feel free to contact us.

“IKON Homes has mastered what they do, building not only beautiful, but functional, homes in detail, with the highest standard of integrity, thoughtfulness, patience, and kindness."

- Mary Jo

We take pride in building fine homes starting at less than $500,000. Extra attention to detail, throughout the plan design, selection of finishes, and construction process makes an IKON Home feel unique.  We call it the IKON difference.

Results of our local semi-annual Parade of Homes are listed below.

2023 Parade of Homes
1st Place (Best in Show) $850,000+ (Spring)
1st Place $725,000 to 850,000 (Spring)
2nd Place $850,000+ (Spring)
Merits of Craftsmanship (2), Interior Design / Decor (2), Baths, Kitchen, Architectural Design (2)

2022 Parade of Homes
2nd Place $501,000 to 600,000
3rd Place $501,000 to 600,000
Merits for Craftsmanship, Design, and Kitchen

2015 Parade of Homes
1st Place (Best in Show) $550,000+
1st Place $340,000 to 450,000
1st Place $281,000 to 340,000
2nd Place $281,000 to 340,000

2014 Parade of Homes
1st Place $341,000 to 450,000
2nd Place $341,000 to 450,000
2nd Place $281,000 to 340,000

2012 Parade of Homes
1st Place $261,000-300,000
2nd Place $250,000-325,000
2nd Place up to $180,000

2011 Parade of Homes
1st Place up to $180,000
2nd Place $201,000-300,000
3rd Place $181,000-200,000
Merits of Craftsmanship, Honorable Mention

We take pride in building our homes

starting at less than $500,000.

Interested in learning more about the IKON Difference and the process of building your new home?  Have a question not covered on our website or would you like to meet with an IKON Professional?  Contact us by phone at 601 345 1230, email at contact@ikonhomes.com or simply complete the form below.  Team IKON looks forward to hearing from you.

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